MindFULL conversations

Oh G-d of Second Chances, Here I am Again

April 10, 2023 Season 1 Episode 39
MindFULL conversations
Oh G-d of Second Chances, Here I am Again
Show Notes

The book title is a mantra that today's Guest, Christy Beltz, has used for many years.  While she isn't sure where it originally came from - it stuck!  When she journals in the morning, many times she ends her pages with Oh God of Second Chances, Here I Am Again.

Christy is the president of Empowerment Coaching and Consulting, a leadership development practice helping individuals and organizations focus on maximizing employee engagement to improve overall company performance. Christy guides her clients toward a conscious transformation using a mixture of human behavior motivation techniques, including the Leadership Circle, the Root Cause ™ system, HeartMath, Clarity International: SHIFT Training and Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead methodology.

Christy’s lifelong dedication supporting women’s leadership has led to her role as Co-Curator with TEDxCherryCreekWomen. In this position, she works with TEDx speakers to guide presenters to stand in their own power and share an idea worth spreading with the world. Christy’s life’s work has been focused on lifting women up so they can step fully into their authentic selves. 

Our mindful conversation was Mind FILLING! Wowsa. I read the book and highlighted and post-it-noted more pages than I could have a conversation about! Check out the link below to buy Christy's book Oh God of Second Chances, Here I Am Again. And check out her website for more on her work and leadership course curriculum - http://christybelz.com

3 Takeaways from today's conversation:

1. We are ALL Whole, Perfect and Complete at the core of who we are.

2. MSU - Making Stuff Up - We all do it! Christy gives us a tip for knowing when it is happening. There are Facts and there are Emotions about the Facts. Learning to identify them can help you. 

3. HeartMath is one of Chrity's favorite techniques. Listen in as she guides me through a Heart Lock-In. It's vulnerable and helpful! Eek! 

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