MindFULL conversations

Strangers On A Plane

September 30, 2022 Tien Do Season 1 Episode 9
MindFULL conversations
Strangers On A Plane
Show Notes

 This episode is about two conversations - both with strangers on a plane, both with the potential to be life changing. The first is simply a musing about one of the conversations. The second is an actual conversation with one of the most inspiring people I have met... Tien. 

Tien Do is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, who practiced for 23 years prior to a spinal cord injury, 8 years ago. Tien lives in Colorado, is happily married to his wife of 30 years, and has 2 wonderful grown children. He has authored 2 books titled Daily Reflections for Life’s Journey (I & II). While the spinal cord injury derailed his life, it has not deterred him from continuing to enjoy a fruitful existence and achieve progress in his recovery, with the ultimate goal of walking again. His outlook on life and his positivity will inspire you!


  1. When a distressing event occurs, you have really only two options. The middle road does not exist. 
  2. You either deal with the circumstance by having a winning hand in mind or flat out give up. The latter is worthless to consider. 
  3. Carrying the positive attitude to “fight on” and overcome  allows one to not only survive, but to come out with an increasing library of resiliency to tackle whatever lies ahead.
  4. Cherish everything we have during our precious time on Earth. Not a lot should be wasted nor taken for granted.
  5. Taking the avenue of staying in the moment, showing unwavering positivity, and being steadfast in defeating the fears and challenges in front of you will produce a happy human being in all aspects of life: mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually


You can find Tien’s book Daily Reflections For Life’s Journey (I & II) at  https://www.amazon.com/Daily-Reflections-Lifes-Journey-II/dp/B09BGPFV43

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