MindFULL conversations

Mrs. Abramovitz and Modern Manners

August 29, 2022 Robin Glickstein Season 1 Episode 7
MindFULL conversations
Mrs. Abramovitz and Modern Manners
Show Notes

Tammy Abramovitz is a wife, mother and confident adventurer. She has a live-out-loud Texas personality that is generous, achievement oriented, sensitive and contemplative. A driven altruist and a creative sophisticate, she has a hospitality-based heart and a servant leadership style. Her personal passions include entertaining, community, philanthropy, and free range junking. Named by Salonniere Magazine as one of the 100 Party Hosts in the Country in 2018, Tammy continues to inspire and educate via her monthly newspaper column in the Castle Pines Connection (in Castle Pines, Colorado) called Modern Manners. Join us as Tammy has a conversation with Robin about “Modern Manners” - and the joy of living out loud! You’ll wanna grab a pen and take notes on this episode! 


1. Returning the shopping cart in a parking lot says a lot about how you feel about those around you.
2. Plan a party and celebrate the heck out of life! Why not? Think and plan and collect ideas and then do it! You and others will remember the moment forever.
3. Be nice. It’s that simple. 

 Check out the Castle Pines Connection for more insights from Mrs. Abramovitz at:  https://www.castlepinesconnection.com/the-act-of-deference/

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