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What the Borscht? Volunteering In Ukraine

July 25, 2022 Robin Glickstein Season 1 Episode 4
MindFULL conversations
What the Borscht? Volunteering In Ukraine
Show Notes

Retired Navy and United Airlines Pilot, and all-around good guy, John Yackus, talked his retired pilot buddies into putting their time where their mouths are and going to the Ukraine to help feed refugees. Listen in as John phones it in from the World Central Kitchen food tent on the border of Poland and Ukraine last week.


 1.    The World Central Kitchen is serving a million meals a day in Ukraine. In one week, John and his crew fed 14,000+ refugees

2.    How can you help folks you think may need help?

3.    What are you watching these days that inspires you and how do you find shows, articles and missions that will get YOU off the couch?


You can see the documentary, We Feed The People,  that motivated John here: https://films.nationalgeographic.com/we-feed-people

 You can check out the World Central Kitchen website here:  https://wck.org


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